Writing Challenge #2

The Shadow I am the shadow on the pedestal; the dark horse rearing over the villagers. Yesterday I watched their procession to the storehouse, their pale faces gaunt and their eyes cast down. They hauled their lady's fat, canvas sacks of barley and cradled armfuls of her wheat. Precious barley, precious wheat. I've seen them… Continue reading Writing Challenge #2


Writing Challenge #1

  Writing Challenge #1: Plane Wreck   Oliver thought his name was Oliver, but he wasn’t sure. He also wasn’t sure where the gash in his head had come from, or why his rib felt broken, or how had gotten there. He lay underneath the evergreen, shivering, staring out over the white, rocky wasteland. He… Continue reading Writing Challenge #1

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Hi! My name is Taylor. I love Jesus, and I love writing, so this is my blog for sharing both my faith and my writing. I plan on posting some of my poems, short stories, and maybe even bits of larger stories that I'm working on as well (among other things). I would love to hear your ideas in the comments! Thanks for reading. 🙂 -Taylor